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Velocity Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Velocity Engineers Pvt. Ltd. established itself as one of the India’s leading names in
transparent trading of Wire Drawing Machines, Wire & Cable Machinery & Accessories
with a promise of the quality products that stay ahead of time.
We always focus on quality of the machines with a team of professional mechanical &
electrical engineers with extensive experience.
We take regular feedback from customers and make a long term business relationship
with them.
Velocity Engineers has witnessed a tremendous growth since its inception in the year
2010, Company performed smooth and efficient business even in toughest market
Our Philosophy - “Let Nobel thoughts come from every side” - (Rigveda)
We are open with both the hands to all innovative ideas and new technologies in our working. Our company is not limited to
conventional way of working and accepts all new school of thoughts.
Kaizen : refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the top to the bottom
line workers. We encourage continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, productivity, safety, and
workplace culture. Our company believes in Kaizen focuses on applying small, daily changes that result in major
improvements over time.
We focus on works by reducing waste and eliminating work processes that are overly difficult. All employees look for areas
to improve and provide suggestions based on their observations and experience.

Core Values

1. Commitment & determination
2. Immediacy & continuous learning
3. Flexibility & creativity
4. Team work
We try to deliver “WOW” feeling through our products and services and are ready to embrace and drive change. We have
created Fun and a Little Weirdness in our working environment. We also try to be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
in our company and Pursue Growth and Learning. We try to Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication with
our clients and consider them to be d a Positive Team and Family Spirit. We believe in being Passionate and Determined in
what we do.

Our Main Products :

1. Wire drawing machine
2. Cold welding machine
3. Lubricants and anti tarnish agents
4. Upward casting machine for Copper Rod & spares
5. Wire Enameling machine
6. Continuous extrusion machines
7. Wire Bunching machine
8. Wire Recycling machine
9. Ceramic parts and pulleys
10. Stepper Motors and Drivers
11. Wire Braiding Machine
12. Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine

We have client base all over India and have manage to retain their trust and repeat orders.
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